Envelope Addressing

The following prices are for black ink on light colored and un-lined envelopes in a STANDARD STYLE (See Sample Styles)

Outer envelope: $3.75

Inner Envelope: $2.00

Return address: $2.75 (two lines on back flap)

Address Stamp (custom lettering, rubber stamp): $65(partial font)/$95+


Addressing Extras

Custom envelope lettering: $100+ for lettering development, prices vary for additional 'per envelope' charge

Multiple lettering styles on envelope: prices vary

special ornamentation: prices vary

additional address lines over four lines: $1.00/line (zip does not count)

color or metallic ink: one-time $35 mixing fee

Rush charge: $100

minimum envelope/placecard order: $100 


Note: If envelopes need to be treated for ink to adhere properly or if they are difficult to write on (coated/glossy), prices will be slightly higher. A quote can be provided if envelopes are available for ink testing during quoting process.


Wedding/Event Suite Design (print ready)

All prices are estimates only

Invitation         $325+

Monogram design $200+

Reply card         $150+

Return address $90-125+

Names only for invitation printing $135+



Place cards, table number not included

$1.30 (pre-lined card, “fill in the blank”)

$1.60 (blank card)

Escort cards, name and table number $2.00

Escort cards with envelope OR two-sided card, name + table number $2.25

Table Numbers $6/10+

Menu or Program Design, prices vary

Seating Chart, prices vary


Certificate Fill-ins $4.00/line     $4.75/line (if ornamented)

Inscriptions on one-of-a-kind pieces: prices vary


Other services: please contact me, I’m happy to give an estimate!


updated: June 8, 2016