My grandpa was a calligrapher. As a child, I remember watching him carefully place letters on parchment paper in his little basement studio. He’d hold up the paper for me to see, slap his knee and laugh at the text. He was always laughing.

It wasn’t until several years later I would pick up a pen of my own and fall head-over-heels into lettering. I took my first calligraphy courses through the College of Art and Design while attending Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. After graduating, I worked as a graphic artist for a short bit before deciding to trade in my computer job for self-employment. Cheryl Dyer Calligraphy & Hand-Lettering was born in 2001. I’ve yet to grow tired of placing ink on paper.

Today, I happily balance my studio time with being a mama of two beautiful and creative children and a wife to a handsome fella in Omaha, Nebraska. I’m also a hobby gardener, family chef, amateur home stylist and lover of (in no particular order): grocery shopping, eating out (especially French, Thai and Indian), book reading, rose wine, good friends, 75 degree weather, farmer’s markets, camembert cheese, rock climbing with my husband, black licorice, scarves, 3×5 unruled index cards, being inspired and enjoying this blessed life our Creator gave us.