Pricing & Estimates

I'm happy to provide you with a price list or give an estimate! Contact me to request a price list or to request an estimate for your lettering needs. 



In addition to the lettering samples provided on my website, I’m happy to mail or email you custom samples according to the styles you’d like to see. I can provide up to three (3) samples free of charge. Any additional samples are $4 each. It is highly recommended you provide samples of envelopes/place cards that will be used for your event.


Non-refundable Deposit

I collect a 40% deposit prior to beginning any job. The amount is calculated on your estimated overall charge. The deposit holds your spot on my calendar and without it, a time slot cannot be guaranteed. The deposit will be applied to the amount owed upon the completion of your project. My preferred method of payment is personal check or money order. I’m also happy to accept payment with a credit card or via Paypal.



Payment must be made in full prior to pick-up, shipping or digital delivery unless other arrangements are agreed upon. My preferred method of payment is personal check or money order. I’m also happy to accept payment with a credit card or payment via Paypal.


Time Estimate

Please allow at least ten days for 100 double envelopes sets and 7 days for 100 single envelopes addressed. Other job timing will be discussed prior to beginning the job. Rush orders may be considered for an additional $100+.


Address and name lists

The address list provided at the beginning of a job should be typed in a legible font with names and addresses being listed exactly as you would like them to appear on the envelope. Please do not type in all caps. You are responsible for making decisions about abbreviations for states, street, roads, avenues, boulevards, lanes, courts, etc. Please also proofread your list. If you have questions while making this list, please contact me, I'd be happy to help! I do not correct for etiquette or abbreviations after the list has been provided to me. You are welcome to either mail or deliver the list to me. I do not accept emailed lists.

The printed list can be displayed in either a horizontal or vertical format. The address elements must be listed in order.


Mr. and Mrs. Sam Brown

11 Sunset Drive

Omaha, Nebraska 68131


Mr. and Mrs.     Sam Brown     11 Sunset Drive      Omaha       Nebraska      68131

If your list is printed in the horizontal format, please leave spaces between lines.

If an extraordinary amount of time is spent on "list maintenance" after I have received the list, an hourly charge may be applied to your order.


Extra Envelope/Place card allowance

I ask to be provided with 20% extra envelopes, escort cards, or place cards at the beginning of a job. 



I am happy to ship completed jobs via the carrier of your choice. I will include a handling charge in addition to the actual shipping charges. This charge will be included in your final bill and must be paid prior to shipping.